The scientists have returned from their mission! Stay tuned for more updates on their research and everything that’s coming up next for the Origins Mission.

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Need to get caught up before the next round of field notes start? Trying to remember everything that happened in Olduvai Gorge?

Part I of the Field Notes are now available as a Kindle ebook! Not only do you get all the letters in one easy-to-read collection, you’ll also see research notes from Sophia Planck, the Origins Mission director of communications. We hope you’ll take a look and consider buying it for yourself or a friend! Head here to grab a copy.

A science adventure into our evolutionary origins

Though they’ve returned from the past, you can still read about the adventures of our two intrepid scientists and their work to uncover the history of Homo sapiens and the species that came before us. Who were the ancient ancestors of our species? Why did only Homo sapiens survive? Read more about the mission here and get to know our time-traveling scientists in their Q&A.



Learn about the Origins Mission, the logistics of sending two people 1 million years into the past, and how we trained our achroniologists to survive the journey

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